Human Identification

In June 2013, the US Supreme Court ruled that police are allowed to take DNA from suspects just as they take fingerprints today. A key area of concern in the high court was over rapid DNA technology. The defendant’s attorneys argued that fingerprints and mug shots produce identifications within minutes while DNA testing takes days, weeks or months. The government’s response was that rapid DNA testing will soon allow authorities to get results within a few hours at police booking stations. The shift from centralized DNA testing to local testing is badly needed. Even after massive investments in equipment and staff, the average turnaround time for a DNA test from a US crime lab is five months and it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of rape kits remain untested. SnapDNA has the ideal rapid DNA testing platform to supplement the more than 50 Million fingerprint tests performed by US law enforcement and the 45 Million fingerprint tests performed by Homeland Security and the U.S. State Department each year.